Certified M&A Expert

Certified M&A Expert program is one of the most exhaustive training program on deal making in the corporate world. It discuss some of the real life case studies.


This program was originally started in 2014 and was endorsed by the Solapur University. Certified M&A Expert is the person who has undergone the training to complete the deal making and advisory. This program is offered under the banner of Riskpro Advisors LLP which is a leading firm in M&A Advisory.

In order to differentiate the Certified M&A Experts from the various other certifications, we offer bouquet of benefits and flexibility to the potential M&A Experts. Our members need to be up-to-date with the global developments on various acts related to the mergers and acquisition domain.

Certified M&A Expert program emphasize on a passing level of 75%. The examination is Multiple Choice Questions. It focus more on the understanding various deal structuring methods and real life case studies rather than compliance.

Syllabus of CMAE

Though the focus of this program in on performing effective due diligence on the promoters background. This course also discuss

  • Deal types: What are the different types of transactions that you can use in M&A? There is a whole range of deal types and deal continuum that we look at, e.g. the full spectrum from minority stakes to full acquisitions, various ways to arrange a merger, leveraged buy outs (LBOs), initial public offerings (IPOs), divestitures, spin-offs, equity carve-outs-
  • M&A Process: The program covers both perspectives from a buyer’s perspective (buy side) and from a seller’s perspective (sell-side). We explore how to seek buyers or potential targets (long list & short list) and how to run a sale in various ways (negotiations and auctions).
  • Strategies for M&A: We dive into the strategies for Mergers & Acquisitions. How can you create competitive advantage through M&A, divestitures and equity alliance?
  • M&A Negotiation: How can you prepare for the negotiation phase? What are ways to arrange a value creating deal?
  • Introduction to Due Diligence: How do you prepare for and execute a smart Due Diligence to assure value creation? What are the different areas that can be covered in the Due Diligence process?
  • Success Factors in Transactions: We explore the success factors and key challenges and mistakes to avoid. Which M&A tactics work in which industries?
  • Takeover Strategies and Defense Tactics: How can you prepare your company against a hostile takeover attempt and reduce potential threats? Which are the defense mechanisms that you can put into place and how effective are they? Which ways exist to acquire a business successfully in a hostile way?

In order to register for this course please feel free to contact Rajendra Kumar on +919766594401