Riskpro Learning Collaborates with Savitribai Phule Pune University Edutech Foundation (SEF) to Launch Certified Financial Crime Risk Professional Course on DegreePlus Portal

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Mayur Joshi
Mayur Joshi
Mayur Joshi is a forensic accounting evangelist based out of Pune. He regularly contributes to the Regtechtimes. He is the forensic accounting and financial crimes evangelist in India who is instrumental in designing india's first certification program in Anti Money Laundering. He is the author of 7 books on the financial crimes and compliance subjects.

Pune, 15.01.2024 – In a groundbreaking partnership, Riskpro Learning, a leading education provider specializing in risk and compliance management, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with SPPU Edutech Foundation (SEF), a distinguished section 8 company promoted and owned by Savitribai Phule Pune University. Through this partnership, Riskpro Learning is set to introduce the Certified Financial Crime Risk Professional Course on SEF’s prestigious Degreeplus portal.

The Degreeplus portal, hosted by SEF, is renowned for offering courses from globally acclaimed institutions, including the prestigious Harvard Business School. With this collaboration, Riskpro Learning adds its expertise to the platform, further solidifying its position as one of the most valuable education companies in the financial crimes domain.

The Certified Financial Crime Risk Professional Course is designed to equip professionals and aspiring experts with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the complex landscape of financial crimes. This comprehensive program covers various aspects of financial crime risk management, compliance, and regulatory frameworks.

Key Features of the Certified Financial Crime Risk Professional Course:

  1. Expert-Designed Curriculum: Developed by industry experts, the course provides a deep dive into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in financial crime risk management.
  2. Global Recognition: Leveraging Riskpro Learning’s reputation and SEF’s association with renowned institutions, the course promises global recognition, enhancing career prospects for participants.
  3. Interactive Learning: Participants will benefit from a blend of interactive learning modules, case studies, and practical insights, ensuring a holistic and engaging learning experience.
  4. DegreePlus Advantage: Hosted on the DegreePlus portal, the course gains exposure alongside offerings from Harvard Business School and other esteemed institutions, providing participants with a unique and distinguished learning environment.

Mr. Vedant Sangit, Director at Riskpro Learning, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership reflects our commitment to providing high-quality education in financial crime risk management. By joining forces with SEF and featuring on the DegreePlus portal, we aim to reach a wider audience and contribute significantly to the education landscape.”

Deepak Hardikar, CEO of SPPU Edutech Foundation (SEF), remarked, “SEF is dedicated to offering a diverse range of courses from leading educational providers. The addition of the Certified Financial Crime Risk Professional Course by RiskPro Learning aligns with our mission to provide students with access to cutting-edge education from reputable sources.”

Enrollments for the Certified Financial Crime Risk Professional Course are now open on the DegreePlus portal. Aspiring professionals, industry experts, and anyone seeking to enhance their expertise in financial crime risk management are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

About Riskpro Learning

Riskpro Learning is a leading education provider specializing in risk and compliance management. With a commitment to delivering high-quality, industry-relevant courses, RiskPro Learning empowers professionals to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of risk management.

About SPPU Edutech Foundation (SEF)

SPPU Edutech Foundation is a section 8 company promoted and owned by Savitribai Phule Pune University. Dedicated to promoting and facilitating education, SPPU Edutech collaborates with reputed institutions to host a diverse range of courses on its Degreeplus portal, ensuring students have access to globally recognized and industry-relevant education.

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