Riskpro Learning has launched App Based Learning Program in Forensic Accounting and AML Domain

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The RISKPRO LEARNING is a very unique application that offers courses in Forensic Accounting and Anti Money Laundering on the fingertip

Pune, April 8, 2022/Riskpro/ As a part of continuing effort in the Forensic Accounting and AML domain, Riskpro Learning is set in motion to launch  the first ever app based learning,  By using mobile application Riskpro Learning provides new way to digital education.  The main aim of launching the app is value based education in Forensic Accounting and AML domain through Edtech solution.

The app based learning is the milestone in Riskpro Learning accreditation which would help the Forensic Accounting and AML professionals/aspirants to enhance their knowledge in the domain. The courses offered through Mobile App are for all level aspirants. Therefore, right from students to professionals and from any region of the world Riskpro Learning has a course to offer for.

Global Certification Program in Forensic Accounting

For students Riskpro Learning offers an array of courses. It starts with basics of accounting till the Global Course in Forensic Accounting. Global Certification Program in Forensic Accounting commenced by Indiaforensic is a globally recognized certification. On registering, Global Certification Program in Forensic Accounting applicants will undergo E- learning.  The aspirants will be able to understand the  real life problem solving assignments. Thus,it is an international program.

Additionally, this program will also help the entry level staff who are willing to do there career in fraud detection, prevention, investigation etc.  In this program one will able to understand the overview of forensic accounting, different processes and roles of forensic accountants that take place, what are the different types of fraud, how the industry fraud works, basic understanding of forensic accounting, forensic accounting techniques developed with the help of financial statement frauds.

The one who will opt for this program will come away with in-depth knowledge, understanding. Hence,  the different ways in which it will differ from the typical accounting role.

Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional

For professionals in the AML domain the offering is Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional viz, CAMP. The CAMP program equips the aspirants with the different skills needed to handle the scenarios. The main aim of this program is the importance of AML Compliance at the time of conducting regular business. As well as know the impact on the entire society. Hence, after completion of the program, the professionals would get a thorough understanding of the terms associated with the financial crimes.
On the occasion of the launch, Mayur Joshi Founder  said “We are proud to announce the first ever launch of app based learning. Its in Forensic Accounting and AML domain”. This application opens a lot of learning opportunities for students and aspirants around the world. Hence, they just need to open an application in their mobile and all the knowledge will be at their fingertips.
“In today’s world a substantial progress is seen in fighting money laundering in the real world’s financial environment. It  introduced stronger anti-money laundering/counter terrorism-financing regimes.  However, money laundering regarded as an area which is currently under the research. Its not known to most of the people around. Hence, so by launching the first ever application based learning course is going to be beneficial for the aspirants. “Joshi further added.

About Riskpro Learning

Riskpro Learning is the most disruptive professional online education provider for the global anti-financial crime community. Since our founding in 2008, we have already enhanced the professional skills of thousands of anti-financial professionals all over the world. Through high quality, easy to access, and affordable online training programs. It started with 1 Certification and today catering 2 Flagship Professional Certifications, 3 Specialisations and 5 E-learning Certifications.

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