CYBERGYM expands into India, partnering with Riskpro Management Consulting Private Limited to gear up its cyber security offering.

The two companies aim to introduce innovative new cyber security education in the Indian market. The new reseller agreement will enable both parties to enhance their complementary global cyber security offerings, helping clients prepare for the future.

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Madhura Phadtare
Madhura Phadtare
Madhura is a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional. She regularly contributes articles on the subjects of frauds, forensic accounting and investigation. She has rick experience of forensic accounting and fraud investigation research.

PUNE, 28 April 2022/Riskpro CYBERGYM – a global leader in cyber training and qualification solutions, defence products and other value-added services, and Riskpro Management Consulting Private Limited – an integrated professional services and advisory company in the governance, risk and compliance domain, have joined forces to bring their collective experience and comprehensive knowledge to help customers in India better manage cyber security threats.

The growing issue of cybercrime has dominated international news for several years. With wide-ranging impact on the security of individuals, large international companies, banks and governments. Today’s organized cybercriminals by far surpass the efforts of the lone hackers of the past. In fact, large organized crime rings function like start-ups, often employing highly-trained developers. Therefore, they are constantly innovating new and increasingly damaging online attacks.

Agreement between the 2 companies

The agreement between CYBERGYM and Riskpro is the culmination of an excellent relationship between the two highly-regarded market leaders. Under the new reseller agreement, Riskpro is granted exclusive rights to directly market and resell CYBERGYM’s comprehensive suite of products and services. Hence, under the CYBERGYM brand, logo and trademarks, within India.

“By joining forces and combining our expertise, CYBERGYM and Riskpro Management Consulting Private Limited enable clients to streamline their cyber security processes,” says Mayur Joshi, Co-Founder of Riskpro Management Consulting Private Limited. “Organizations spend a huge amount on cyber security. Offering a complete cyber security picture, we enable them to be proactive in avoiding, mitigating and handling security threats. Rather than reactive, which in turn reduces the costs associated with a cyberattack.”

“Cyber security involves a lot of business risk that is unrelated to any technical aspect,” says CYBERGYM. “It is therefore imperative that organizations manage their information security risk. Therefore it requires them to be aware of how cyber security relates to their overall operations. However, the perceived complexity of cyber security creates a challenge in terms of gaining the full understanding needed. Through our partnership with Riskpro, we are creating a blend of technical and risk management with compliance expertise. It will help clients to understand exactly where their organization stands. Thus, by guiding them in how to detect and respond to relevant cyber threats.”

About Riskpro Management Consulting Private Limited

Riskpro Management Consulting Private Limited is the most disruptive professional online education provider for the global anti-financial crime community. Since the company was founded in 2008, it has enhanced the professional skills of thousands of anti-financial professionals all over the world.  Through its high-quality, easy-to-access, and affordable online training programs.


CYBERGYM provides all-inclusive tailored cyber-training solutions to organizations around the world, qualifying everyone, from the general workforce to executives. With the most relevant threat model and a technological environment configured to the specific technological setup of each client, the company gives staff the experience they need, as individuals and as a team, to prevent and mitigate potential cyberattacks.

Founded in 2013 by experienced veterans of Israel’s prestigious intelligence organizations.  CYBERGYM provides organizations with the peace of mind of knowing that their teams are always ready, and cyber investments are maximized.


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