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Self Paced learning programs are designed for the professionals already in the employment. These programs typically consist of reference books, reading material, study manuals and also video learning courses.

Preparation courses are the salient features of these programs. These courses help the students to prepare for the certification examinations by studying the questions asked during the previous editions of the certification examinations.


  • Indiaforensic
  • NSE Academy Limited
  • Peter Derby
  • Regtechtimes
  • Risk Academy

Exam Length

    Study Material

    • Reference Books
    • Simulated Examinations


      Video Length

      Course Duration

      • 180 Days
      • 30 Days
      • 90 Days

      Exam Length


        • Advanced
        • Foundation
        • Intermediate


        • Commerce
        • Information Technology
        • Law
        • Management Studies

        Study Material

        • Reference Books
        • Simulated Examinations

        Video Length

        Certification Programs

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        Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP)

        This is the package offer where you get two video learning courses complimentary along with the CFAP certification program. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is one of the foremost certifications in the forensic accounting domain. "CFAP" four letters after your name opens the wide opportunities in the anti-fraud domain. Download the CFAP-Brochure-2020
        5.00 out of 5
        $400.00 Excluding GST

        Certified Trade Based Money Laundering Expert

        Certified Trade Based Money Laundering Expert is the digital certification program offered by the Riskpro Learning . This certification program is created for the global audience. The Package includes E-learning content of 30+ minutes and a reference book Download Brochure of Certified TBML Expert-2021    
        5.00 out of 5
        $150.00 Excluding GST

        Certified Data Protection Professional

        Certified Data Protection Professional is an Indian data protection certification based on Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023
        $300.00 Excluding GST

        Certified Insurance Forensic Accountant

        Certified Insurance Forensic Accountant is a Insurer or a Insurance professional or a Insurance consultant who has undergone training to become an expert in the Insurance frauds domain, forensic auditing related to Insurance sector, litigation support and investigative accounting.
        $300.00 Excluding GST

        Certified International AML Professional

        The Certified International AML Professional is a certification course for professionals who are looking to understand the Global Regulatory framework to combat AML and CFT.
        $300.00 Excluding GST

        Certified Digital Threats Analyst

        Skill based cyber security certification from Riskpro in association with Israel's largest cyber security training company - Cybergym
        $400.00 Excluding GST

        Investigating Fraud on the Dark Web

        Investigation of Frauds on the Dark web is the course offered by Peter Derby and Associates. Riskpro has partnered with the UK-based firm to offer their courses on our platform.
        $500.00 Excluding GST

        Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Foundation Course

        OSINT Foundation Course is a specialized certification program developed by Peter Derby Associates, a renowned organization based in the UK and in India the official partner for this certification program is Riskpro Learning.
        $600.00 Excluding GST

        Certified Tax Fraud Analyst

        Forensic Accounting Certification program for the Revenue Authorities like Income tax and GST officials looking into revenue leakages.

        $175.00 Excluding GST

        Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional

        Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional (CAMP) is one of the first app-based certification programs in the compliance domain. Nowadays the aspirants are looking to opt for different types of courses offered globally in the AML domain. CAMP is the first post-pandemic aml kyc certification online.
        $600.00 Excluding GST