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Riskpro Learning Academy is the provider of the certifications on forensic accounting, fraud investigations, financial crimes, ecommerce frauds and money laundering to the global financial crimes compliance professionals.

Sarang Khatavakar holds the vital position of Chief Data Officer at Riskpro, where he plays a pivotal role in the company’s operations. His primary responsibility is to oversee and guide the development of data-driven initiatives throughout the organization. This encompasses the supervision of data sets and data point creation and maintenance for various database-centric projects.

Beyond his role as Chief Data Officer, Sarang Khatavakar is a multifaceted professional with a diverse skill set. He is also an accomplished author, having penned the comprehensive “Forensic Accounting Manual for the Insurance Sector.” This book serves as an authoritative guide, delving into the intricate principles and practices of forensic accounting, particularly within the context of the insurance industry.

Sarang’s dual expertise in data management and forensic accounting makes him an invaluable asset to the Riskpro team. His contributions play a pivotal role in the company’s ongoing success and its ability to excel in both data-related endeavors and the complex world of forensic accounting. 

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