Preparation Exam For AML Certifications

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    Preparation Exam For AML Certifications is a Preparation Exam program designed for students who are preparing for Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist(CAMS), CME, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional, or ICA Certificate in Anti Money Laundering students.

    Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), CME or Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional students. These AML Certifications are the best global AML certifications. It helps in understanding different questions.

    Inside the course you will get:

    • 3 full-length Mock tests, 100 questions each total of 200 practice questions.
    • Each Mock test is strictly timed and a 70% Mark is required to pass the Exam.
    • After you finish each Mock test, you’ll see the scores and can review the incorrect answers.
    • You can attempt the Mock tests unlimited time and can access them from your Mobile / App.

    Salient features of this course:

    · 200 plus  Organic MCQs with detailed explanations.

    Is the exam difficult to pass?

    No, the exam is not difficult to pass. In fact, it should be easy for you to pass when you go to take your exam. If you are properly prepared, the exam should be easy to pass. In other words, if you know the material tested on the exam, then taking the exam is just the process of answering questions you are prepared to answer. Of course, there may be a few questions that you are uncertain about, but if you are properly prepared, you should know that you passed when you leave the exam.

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