Advanced Forensic Audit Course

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    This course is a video-based learning program which discusses the two aspects of the frauds viz. the frauds for the business and the frauds against the business.  Advanced Forensic Audit Course helps the students to prepare for the uniform examination to be a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional.

    This is an international program and is focused on the developments related to forensic accounting, fraud prevention, assessing red flags of fraud and knowing the corruption programs in detail.


    This digital certification course is designed to make you a great forensic accountant in a very short amount of time. The focus of this program is to understand various techniques used in preventing, detecting and investigating financial statement frauds. Financial statement fraud usually involves overstating assets, revenues, and profits and understating liabilities, expenses, and losses. By and large, there are only two types of frauds in the world

    1. Frauds for the business
    2. Frauds against the business

    This course is focused on frauds done for the businesses.

    Practical and viable strategies to grow your business

    All advice in this financial statement fraud course comes from investigations I have done personally. Since I avoid taking the names of the target and subject companies there is an element of guesswork but it’s not theory. Additionally, I am an author of a book on the stock market and financial statement frauds. Many of the suggestions in the book are made into lessons in courseware. So by the end of this course, I am confident that you will be a great forensic accountant with the flavour of financial statement frauds!