CFAP is the Benchmark for Forensic Accountants

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Mayur Joshi
Mayur Joshi
Mayur Joshi is a forensic accounting evangelist based out of Pune. He regularly contributes to the Regtechtimes. He is the forensic accounting and financial crimes evangelist in India who is instrumental in designing india's first certification program in Anti Money Laundering. He is the author of 7 books on the financial crimes and compliance subjects.

If you are working with a Big Four accounting firm, Riskpro reduces your pains to be a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional.

Customisable Training Material

Only structured for professionals working in audit, risk, advisory services teams of any of the global accounting firms listed below. Under this scheme the Certification can be customised to meet the requirements of the professionals from accounting firms. Accounting firm professionals may specialise in couple of different verticals including Banking, Insurance and Stock markets. You can chose for the specialisation without any additional cost.

Techno- Commercial Specialisation

Professionals working for Forensic technology teams of accounting firms listed below and working on the disk imaging, analysis can widen their scope of work by opting for CFAP with Information Technology Specialisation, which will help to build your techno commercial capabilities.

Grand fathering Option

Professionals with 8 years of experience are eligible for grandfathering option. Under the grand fathering option, for a limited period of time, professionals from accounting firms listed below can apply for the waiver of examination if he meets following criteria

  • Professional should have more than 8 years of experience in forensic technology, forensic accounting, investigations, forensic audits or risk management
  • He should provide atleast two case studies on the fraud detected or investigated without naming the client. The objective here is to ascertain the nature of experience the candidate have.
  • He should provide two reference letters from any of his colleagues from the same employer or the previous employers.
  • Final decision about granting the waiver to the applicant is with the board of Indiaforensic Center of Studies

Media Panel

Professionals at the rank of  director and above are eligible to be a part of our media panel which would be referred by various anti-fraud media companies globally.

Audit firms

Professionals from the following audit firms are eligible for the Customization in the certifications.

  1. KPMG
  2. Deloitte
  3. PricewaterHouseCoopers
  4. Ernst and Young
  5. BDO
  6. Grant Thorton
  7. Crowe Howarth

If you are interested write to us on [email protected] or call us on +91-9766594401

CFAP is the forensic accounting benchmark


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