Importance of Hypothesis in Forensic Audit Engagements

Forensic Audits don't have direction. It is not a checklist based audit. It requires financial sixth sense to complete the engagements. Most of the...

Types of forensic accounting engagements

Forensic Accounting aims to highlight any accounting or legal violations, regulatory deviations or contractual breaches through ascertainment of facts and discovery of evidences suitable...

Why adding four letters CFAP is important for accounting students ?

Forensic accounting, forensic accountancy or financial crimes is specially practiced area of accounting to investigate that the firms are engaged in financial reporting misconduct....

Syllabus for Certified Forensic Accounting Professional

One of the most important considerations of choosing the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional program over any other forensic accounting certifications is the syllabus of...

Glossary of Forensic Accounting Related Terms

This is the glossary of the forensic accounting related terms. This article talks about the glossary of forensic accounting related terms. It gives you the...

Anti Fraud Certifications in India

Poised to become a US$ 225 billion industry by 2020, the Indian information technology (IT) industry is facing numerous challenges in terms of Frauds and the forensic accounting is answer for tackling these frauds effectively.