Risk Based Approach to tackle Anti Money Laundering

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    This is the video learning course offered by Indiaforensic on the subject of Risk Based Approach to tackle Anti Money Laundering. In order to implement the Risk Based Approach to Know your customers it has become important to deploy the technology to identify the high risk customers. This course is focussed on the classification of high risk customers and implementing the Risk Based Approach to money laundering.

    In the current pace of rapid technology developments, criminals always seem to be a few steps ahead of the regulators and legal system. The RBA approach bypasses the need to discover, understand, debate and implement specific measures to combat every new threat, so it’s more flexible, quicker to adapt and provides a common-sense philosophy to guide compliance to do the right thing.

    This course would be certainly helpful to understand the intricacies of the risk based approach to fight money laundering. It goes beyond the regular tickbox approach and gives the flexibility to the banks to combat the laundering.