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    Misleading the interchange of business, the vast rapid increasing technology, and the user experience, its very necessary to choose the correct product as it shows one the commerciality, usability and as well as the valuable outcome of the clients. However it requires professionals to flourish who are involved in the collaboration and ownership. To understand the latest risks associated with the product Riskpro Learning has launched a Leading Product Risk Management Certification Programme.

    Riskpro Learning has launched this certification programme for the budding start up enthusiast, the Co-Founder who have just started there companies as well as the Chief architects who want to gain knowledge regarding the risk management principles throughout the life cycle of the product.

    Program Objective

    This program will help the aspirants to gain the knowledge regarding the different roles practiced by the Product Managers. It will also help one to understand the each stage of the life cycle of the product. As a whole it will help to sharpen the dynamic product manager abilities. It will build a product management protocol for the aspirants. The professionals would also develop a Rising Career Path. They have to analyze their strengths, the achievement of the long term goals, and frame the strategy to get through it. Understand the real life Product life cases. The aspirants will understand who to build the own network by interacting with experienced Product Managers.

    Live Training Session

    The Product Risk Management Certification Program is launched by Riskpro Learning. This course is developed to fulfill the growing demand of the startup companies, co-founders as well as the chief architects in our country. We have launched this course by taking Live Training Sessions through Offline mode. These Live Training Session are going to be conducted by Manish Sirdeshmukh (Director of Product Management, TV Platform). This session is going to be conducted for 2 days.

    About Instructor

    Manish Sirdeshmukh is a seasoned professional having 20+ years of Engineering and Business experience having a thorough knowledge of cross functional product life cycle. As he is the Director of product Management, TV Platform at Netflix, he delivers booming Netflix Device Platform to almost 100s of millions of TV devices globally.  He has an hands on experince on the leading technology that includes past projects of augmented reality and 3D. He also promotes product adoption by having strategic partnerships Apple, Microsoft, Google, Unity, Facebook, Intel, and dozens more.

    Curriculum of the Program

    Following is the curriculum of Product Risk Management Certification Program:

    • What is Product Management?
    • Focusing on the Customer
    • Ideating New Product/ Features
    • Strategic Analysis of ideas/ Decision Making
    • Defining your MVP and Building a Roadmap
    • Metrics for Product Success
    • Designing a Go-To-Market Strategy
    • Product Growth
    • The Art of Story Telling and Executive Communication
    • Pitching your Product Idea
    • Succeeding in the Product Management World
    • Product Management Expert Panel +Q&A
    • Course Project: The Product Management Product pitch


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