Certified Tax Fraud Analyst (CTFA)

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    This certification course is designed to equip professionals with comprehensive knowledge and skills in identifying, investigating, and preventing tax fraud. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical investigation techniques, participants will become adept at navigating the complexities of tax fraud in various sectors.

    This course is meticulously designed to provide an in-depth understanding of tax fraud, its various forms, mechanisms, and the strategies required for its detection and prevention. Through a systematic exploration of six chapters spread across four modules, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and skills essential for tackling tax fraud.

    Learning Outcomes:
    This course provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of tax fraud, beginning with its fundamentals and moving on to explore its various types, mechanisms, and strategies for detection and prevention. Participants will start with learning the basic concepts and impacts of tax fraud, then delve into specifics such as double-dipping, GST evasion through undervaluing goods, and fraud in the stock market. The course emphasizes advanced detection techniques, with a special focus on data matching, and concludes with insights into international tax fraud, including the operation of tax havens. By the end, learners will possess the necessary skills to effectively combat tax fraud, ensuring the integrity and fairness of tax systems.

    Target Audience:
    – Tax professionals
    – Forensic accountants
    – Financial auditors
    – Law enforcement personnel involved in financial crimes
    – Legal professionals specializing in tax law

    The examination will follow a Multiple Choice Question pattern, encompassing a total of 100 marks, with a required passing percentage of 75%. The duration of the exam is set for 2 hours, providing candidates with a structured timeframe to complete their assessments.

    Upon successful completion of the course and passing the final examination, participants will receive a “Certified Tax Fraud Analyst” certificate, recognizing their expertise in the field of tax fraud investigation.