Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional

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    Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional (CAMP) is a certification program for compliance professionals internationally. It helps in conducting Anti Money Laundering Investigations. Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional is one of the most important certifications in terms of syllabus. It offers different modules on the subject of digital currency and financial crimes committed using digital currencies.

    This course is designed to equip the Anti Money Laundering Investigators across the world to understand the AML Investigation process. This is one of the best AML certification programs offered in the video learning mode. Total duration of this course is 90 Minutes and includes three assignments to be completed by the students. Students are required to solve one case study, which is a part of grading.

    Steps to Complete the Course-

    1. User have to complete all the “Sections” given below.
    2. Every “Sections” consist of “Articles” in which video content is available.
    3. Click on the first “Section- Background of AML” and you will get the list of Articles under “Category Content”.
    4. You have to click on first “Article” in the list and watch the complete video.
    5. Once you complete the video kindly click on “Mark Complete” button in pink color and then you will be redirected to next “Article”.
    6. Follow this process till the end of all the “Articles”. You can your progress in the sidebar where you will see the pink right tick on the completed “Articles”.
    7. Once you complete all the “Articles”, you have to appear for an final exam.
    8. Rules related to Final Exam are mentioned in the tab “Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional Final Exam”.
    9. For any queries do reach us out on “contactus@regtechtimes.com”.