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    This is a specialized e-learning certification program for the aspirants looking to learn the eCommerce fraud methods. This course is divided into different sessions and need to complete the Uniform Examination after the completion of the course.

    Fraud is on the rise, and economies are facing different challenges. Sometimes its depression, sometimes its a failure of a financial institution or emergence of a biological threat like Corona.

    When doing business online it is necessary to learn how eCommerce fraud has evolved, what are the different methods, what are the red-flags of fraud before you can expect to formulate a viable strategy to combat it. Certified eCommerce Fraud Specialist program is a self paced, video learning program which provides you with the background information you need to fully appreciate and understand the level of risk your company is exposed to.

    The course also covers the assignments to be completed and the examinations to be passed before the students are actually certified.

    Participants who successfully complete the Certified eCommerce Fraud Specialist get:

    • A certificate of completion proving their commitment to protecting their institution from financial crimes by demonstrating understanding of eCommerce Frauds
    • 3000 credit points to keep them on track towards financial crimes certification. These points can be redeemed against any of our certification or can be availed to get discounts on your future certification courses.

    During the course of this program participants complete blended learning including:

    • E-learning course. All materials are delivered via video learning format, making training convenient and accessible from almost anywhere—including mobile devices. The course is divided into short video films that can be paused and restarted as desired over the period of course.
    • Online examination. Following completion of each part of the course, participants will be tested on their understanding of eCommerce frauds principles.
    • Certificate of completion. Upon successfully passing Uniform Examination on the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion, denoting their comprehension of the essential tenets of eCommerce frauds.
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    Mayur Joshi
    Mayur Joshi is a forensic accounting evangelist based out of Pune. He regularly contributes to the Regtechtimes. He is the forensic accounting and financial crimes evangelist in India who is instrumental in designing india's first certification program in Anti Money Laundering. He is the author of 7 books on the financial crimes and compliance subjects.