Transformation of CBFA from Self Paced Learning Virtual Training Course

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As per the report of RBI there is a spike in the Banking Frauds in 2020. According to the report, the amount in banking frauds has raised 2.5 times the amount in the year 2018-2019. This is quite alarming.  The problem with the banking system today is that it lacks the vital anti-fraud mechanism or investigative techniques to identify the frauds, banks often fail to conduct adequate Due Diligence to identify and gauge the extent of the risk involved in lending. Consequently they are often unable to detect fraud early enough to prevent it. Therefore, main reason for this absence is the rightful education on Bank Frauds Investigation. Let us understand the learning process for the CBFA.

Transformation in Learning Method for Certified Bank Forensic Accountant

The Certified Bank Forensic Accountant course is curated by Indiaforensic and now presented by Riskpro Learning which is a premier certification in forensic accounting domain.

C.A Mayur joshi launched this course as a self paced course in 2005. As there was a rapid change in the education system (Covid was the reason) as well as upgradation in technology there was a need to present the course through Virtual Trainings. So, considering all these elements we decided to start this course by taking live training sessions.

30+ Hours Live Virtual Training from Industry Expert 

Successful completion of the course includes 30+hours of live virtual training sessions for 2 months. On Saturday and Sundays the virtual training sessions would be conducted for 2 hours each. 1-month self-paced learning would be provided. While attending the live training session, personal guidance will be provided by our trainer. Hence, the Certified Bank Forensic Accountant is an exhaustive course. Additionally, the aspirants will develop the required skill set in the Risk Management domain necessary in the Banking sector. Mr. Nikhil Parulekar (CAME, CVIE, CBFA, MF, ACC) conducts these live training sessions. . Therefore, this is more of a Value based education provided by the Expert having 18+ years Industrial Experience.

Assessment for Certified Bank Forensic Accountant

To acquire the CBFA Certification, one should clear the examination with flying colors. The examination would be conducted through online mode. CBFA emphasizes on passing level 75%. Therefore, the examination is MCQ pattern which will consist of 100 questions and the duration for the same is 2 hours. The aspirants can choose their own examination date which is flexible for them. Hence, on clearing the examination with flying colours, the aspirants will get the digital copy of the certificate.

Hence to Conclude……

The professionals are in search of doing something unique. They are keen to explore the forensic accounting domain. However, the cost of these certifications plays a major barrier in gaining the certification. Riskpro Learning offers the course in a cost-effective manner. Riskpro Learning offers Certified Bank Forensic Accountant. The cost of the course is ₹ 25000 for an individual to complete this course.

Madhura Phadtare
Madhura Phadtare
Madhura is a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional. She regularly contributes articles on the subjects of frauds, forensic accounting and investigation. She has rick experience of forensic accounting and fraud investigation research.

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