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Free Resources for Forensic Accountants

In order to provide better opportunities for the students looking to take up the forensic accounting as career option, the Indiaforensic team has developed certain resources to be distributed free of cost to the students.

Free Resources for Forensic Accountants

Indiaforensic offers foundation course on forensic accounting to the students aspiring to become forensic accountants. There is no cost to learn this course. Please login to proceed further.

  • Foundation Course on Forensic Accounting – This is the basic level course on forensic accounting in India, which explains the steps involved in forensic accounting and litigation support.
  • Glossary on Forensic Accounting Terms – The glossary of forensic accounting terminologies.
  • Glossary on Money Laundering Terms – The glossary of anti money laundering and counter terrorist financiang terminologies.  This engagement is specially created for the Certified Anti Money Laundering Experts.
  • Certifications offered by Indiaforensic – Engagement explaining the certifications offered by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies.
  • Indiaforensic Publication Resources – This engagement contains the information about the publications and books available for students and professionals.
  • Most Popular Forensic Accountants of India – Indiaforensic rewards one forensic accountant as the Outstanding forensic accountant also termed as the Indianveshan. This engagement provides the information on the most popular forensic accountants in India
  • Definition of the forensic accounting by Indiaforensic – This is a pictorial definition of the concept of forensic accounting.
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