Forensic Audit Certifications


Certified Forensic Accounting Professional

Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals is one of the oldest certification program designed by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies and is now offered in Association with NSE Academy.

Certified Stock Market Forensic

Certified Stock Market Forensic Accountant

Certified Stock Market Forensic Accountant is dedicated to detect and investigate the stock market frauds. It is designed by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies.

Why Riskpro Learning Certifications ?

Oldest and Exhaustive Forensic Accounting Courses


Started in 2008, Riskpro is the pioneer of education in financial crimes and compliance.

Study Material

We provide the customised, printed study material updated with latest trends and investigation techniques

Fraud Classification

Our study material is based on the scientific classification of the Indian Financial sector frauds.

NSE Academy Certified

Riskpro offers its courses in association with NSE Academy ( Subsidiary of National Stock Exchange)

Global Coverage

We offer the video learning programs, which can be accessed from any part of the world.

Exam Centers

Students who wish to appear for the exams can go to the nearest exam centers. We have more than 150 exam centers.

Value for Money

We focus on Indian Businesses and finance students. Courses are optimally priced for Indian Students through our brand Indiaforensic.

Forensic Techniques

We offer courses focussed on finance but extend to cover forensic science and digital forensic techniques

Career Boost

Certification in forensic accounting helps to increase employability and visibility in the potential employers

Joint Certificate from NSE Academy and Riskpro

On successful completion of the certification program you get the joint certification from NSE Academy and Riskpro Learning. This certification contains all the details of the candidate and a unique identification code.

Let's get started

Lets begin the registration process for the certifications offered by Riskpro Learning and NSE Academy courses.

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