Global Certification Course in Forensic Accounting

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    forensic accountingCertified Forensic Accounting Professional is the premier designation offered by Riskpro Learning. This designation is designed for those working in the accounting and auditing professionals who would like a forensic accounting designation or for those who would like to upgrade their skills in forensic accounting. This certification is offered to those who complete the Uniform CFAP examination with at-least 75% marks.

    Riskpro is committed to providing a comprehensive resource center for all students to learn about the global threat of accounting frauds. Riskpro aims to help them prepare for careers in the anti-fraud profession. We offer the certification courses to college students interested in fraud prevention and detection. This certification program is open to undergraduate students enrolled in 9 semester hours (or equivalent), or graduate students enrolled in 6 semester hours (or equivalent) in an accredited college or university.

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    You will study the effects of financial crime on the economy and learn about the psychology of the fraudster plus a detailed breakdown of the investigative process.  Detect the signs of fraud and conduct a thorough fraud risk assessment framework and interview witnesses.  Fulfil all Essential Forensic Accounting Certification requirements with this advanced diploma and explore a world of career prospects.