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Global Forensic Auditing Certification Program for Business and Finance Students

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Certification Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection is a global forensic accounting certification program offered by Riskpro Learning. This certification program is created for global students who are willing to take up the career in forensic accounting.



As forensic audits go mainstream, students see the opportunity to ride the opportunities. But there is a need to have a good career guidance. In order to provide a better quality education to the students of business and finance, Riskpro learning introduced a certification program specially designed for the students.

Similarly, Global Certification in Forensic Auditing is a certification designed for the international accounting students who are working in accounting, auditing or finance domain. Above all this is a global forensic auditing program, which is helpful for the professionals willing to take up forensic auditing as the career option. In other words, it helps students to clear their fundamental concepts related to forensic audit. This course is not meant for professionals who are looking to become expert witness and for those who are certified public accountants.

How to complete the certification course successfully ?

This course is global program, students can take it from any device and any location as it is video learning program. Students will get familiar with the forensic audit world on completion of this course.

Firstly, students will have to get enrolled for this international forensic accounting certification by paying the fees. Importantly, the fees can be paid in your local currency. Secondly, you have to watch all the video sessions provided in this course. Thirdly, you have to give the uniform certification exam. Nevertheless there is a preparation examination tool available.

In fact, from registration to certification, process is completely online. As this is a video learning course, students can take it up anywhere on any device. Additionally, real life problem solving is the core of this training program.

Significantly, Riskpro Learning, one of the first forensic accounting institution in the world offers this program. It is one of the leading companies in the forensic, risk and alliance. Additionally, Riskpro learning offers its programs across the world.

Global Forensic Accounting Certification

Litigation Support and Investigative accounting are the two pillars of forensic accounting. The scope of forensic audit is wider. Fraud examination is just a small subset.

International forensic accountants are involved in the investigations of the cross border transactions. Unlike other forensic accounting certifications, it is not necessary to be a chartered accountant or a certified public accountant. It is open for the graduate students of commerce, finance and accounting faculties. It is necessary to have interest in developing investigation skills to be a forensic accountant.

International forensic audit syllabus

Not to mention but cross border investigations are complicated. It requires the forensic accountants to understand the local laws, in addition to the understanding of the concepts taught in the course. Equally, they work on huge data to investigate the frauds. Data analysis is becoming the important tool in the battle against the frauds.
Globally, forensic accountants appear before international court of laws as expert witness. They analyse the financial records and also gather the evidences in the litigations. Forensic auditors typically look into the financial statement frauds.

Carefully designed syllabus of Certification in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection addresses the needs of finance students and entry level professionals. Here is the syllabus of the course

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What is the Process of Registration?

As soon as your payment is received, you need to go to visit Profile page created for every member to make sure that all your admissions. For this reason, you will also check if you have taken admission for the right course. Once the registration is completed then you can also visit the course page to kick-start your e-learning journey with Indiaforensic.

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