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Global AML Certification is offered in association with the International Regtech Media. Complete Video Learning and Online certification.

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Now a days the aspirants are looking to opt for different types of courses offered globally in the AML domain.  In today’s world a substantial progress have been made in fighting money laundering in the real world’s financial environment, by introducing stronger anti-money laundering/counter terrorism-financing regimes. However, money laundering is regarded as an area which is currently under research and it is not known to most of the people around. Intelligence gathering plays a vital role in the ‘war’ against money laundering. Let us understand the Certified Anti-Certified anti money laundering professional Laundering Professional. 

Anti-Money Laundering is a very specific type of law enforcement as compared to the white-collar crimes that are taking place in each country. Money laundering is done by a lot of criminals to launder the money. They “launder” money through illegal acts such as drug trafficking, terrorist financing etc. Altogether, there are different types of organization who fight against money laundering like International Monetary Fund (IMF), FATF. 

Riskpro Learning has launched a new certification program named Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional (CAMP) for the compliance, AML professionals to meet the regulatory needs in the emerging market environment. Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional regarded as one of the best international certification in the AML domain. Therefore, to gain the global recognition for the course, Riskpro Learning offers the certification program to the global compliance officers. Hence, this course is developed for the international community. It will give you the overview of CAMP course.

Overview of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Program

The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional Program is a very unique certification program that offers a lot of benefits and flexibility to the international community who are working in the AML, compliance domain. At first this course was initiated to address the provisions of Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Certified Anti-Money Laundering is interesting experience for the compliance professionals. The aim of launching this course is to put forth the importance of AML, compliance domain while conducting the regular business, as well as it would have a lot of impact on the entire society.  Since, it is designed to provide the aspirants with the keen knowledge in AML and compliance domain.  The program would introduce one with the basic elements related to the AML domain. Hence, this program is tailored to fit the needs of AML and compliance professionals.

Syllabus of Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional Program 

Following is the syllabus of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional Program:

  • International case studies on various banks
  • Overview of International Laws
  • AML/ CFT regulations laid down by FATF
  • Diving deep in PEP

The detailed syllabus is provided in the course brochure. It will give you the overview of CAMP course.  Therefore, after completion of the course, the professionals would get a thorough understanding of the terms associated with the financial crimes.

To whom this course is applicable

Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional program is applicable to the aspirants who want to build up their knowledge of money laundering, the persons who want to choose AML, compliance domain as there career field. Therefore, anybody who aspires to work in the core compliance field. Since,  it will be also helpful for the beginners who are keen to understand Anti-Money Laundering measures, terrorist financing, fraud etc. This course is applicable to the person who has a role to play in anti-money laundering compliance, AML/CFT regulatory function professional.

Certification Benefits

Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional is one of the video based learning certification in the compliance domain. After knowing the overview of CAMP course, certification benefits plays a major role.  The international edition of Certified Anti-Money Laundering program offers an exhaustive content available for the students. Hence, Certification in Anti-Money Laundering is an aim to meet the rapid growth of the skilled resources in the banking industry. Data related to money laundering is very sensitive data and it can’t be outsourced.

Learning Outcome from the course

Riskpro Learning sets out with the mission to set an international standard for testing the knowledge of those entrusted in the Anti-Money Laundering and compliance domain. Also building upon the foundation and expertise of CAMP professionals. As mentioned above in the syllabus, Certified Anti- Money Laundering Professional program will help you to understand how the international laws work, the process of money laundering, FATF roles in Anti-Money Laundering, risk associated with money laundering, red flags would help to prevent, report any criminal activity, implications of offshore financial center on money laundering. Therefore, the aspirant would also get the knowledge of prevention of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing measures.

Preparing CAMP Examination

Exam preparation is the part where one needs to prove yourself best. It is necessary to prepare hard to crack the exam. It requires focused mindset with the goals to achieve. For clearing the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional program exam, the aspirants have to go through the video learning sessions provided by Riskpro Learning. Hence, it would help to clear the exam very easily.

CAMP Examination

The aspirants register for CAMP examination and requires to give the exam through online mode.  There no negative marking criteria. The minimum passing marks for the same is 75%

CAMP Certification Importance

CAMP  certification is the only certification in the AML and compliance domain. On passing the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional (CAMP), the aspirants would enhance and expand their knowledge to protect the organizations from preventing the financial crimes. By doing this course the financial auditors proof that they have committed the development of there professional skills. Accordingly, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional means having better job opportunities along with the high wages.

What would this certification program bring to your career?

By doing this certification program, the aspirants would earn the career credentials. They would also get the greater awareness of industry practices, problems, solutions that are taking place at large. Altogether, the aspirants would benefit by getting the clear understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of professionals. Hence, it also helps to develop the AML, compliance skills.

Cost of AML Certification

The professional aspirants are in search of doing something unique related to AML, compliance domain globally. They want to explore different types of global certifications which would add value to their knowledge. However the cost of global certifications plays a major barrier in gaining the certification. Riskpro Learning offers courses in a cost effective manner. One of the most popular program offered by Riskpro Learning is “Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional Program” which has a global recognition in the market. The cost of this program is $300.00 for an individual to complete this program.